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A little experiment


From a fellow Occupy Portlander; authorship is not my own, but I most certainly share these ideas.

I have somebody I’d like you to meet. His name is Privilege.

Privilege tells you to make dinner plans instead of taking the streets. Privilege tells you to support but not to participate. Privilege fills your schedule with useless activities. Privilege makes you attack the actions of your peers and support the actions of your enemy. Privilege tells you that its foolish to stand in the cold. Privilege tells you that your schedule is more important then revolution. Privilege produces comfort. Comfort produces apathy. Apathy produces opression. Privilege is a direct support of both corrupt and opressive systems. You cannot hide behind your privilege and be a revolutionary.

Privilege is a cruel master.

Privilege never allows you to belong to a community. In fact, Privilege is the enemy of Community.Privilege keeps you in fear. You are afraid to walk away from your privilege!Privilege  fools you into thinking the current world is normal.Privilege enslaves your children through your own inaction.

Privilege allows you to learn about inequality but tells you that its not your fight.Privilege makes you think that facebook quotes are a form of activism.Privilege would rather have you in facebook arguments then out on the streets.Privilege supports the Police. The Police are a group of fully armed people who only protect the privileged.Privilege cares about public opinion.Privilege raises money through fancy dinners.Privilege believes in non-profits and tax codes. Reform dont revolt.Privilege calls breaking the law a form of violence. While ignoring the brutal form of economic violence that permeats our system.Privilege makes one selfish. It teaches you to ignore the daily suffering of millions.Privilege hides your eyes from the true reality of our economic brutality.Privilege uses you to silence women, queer identified, and transgendered people.Privilege uses you to silence  ethnic minorities.Privilege supports a system of unjust lawsPrivilege tells you that your doing good things. Even when millions around you suffer.Privilege keeps you blind.

Visualize  your privilege!  Privilege is a weakness that destroys community. Be aware of it. Dont let it control you. Learn to control it.When you see somebody abusing their privilege call them out on it. When you abuse your privilege take note and mitigate it.

Privilege is a disease. It destroys community and rips apart solidarity. We are all privileged is some form or another. We all have the ability to oppress people with our actions and our words. Be mindful of the disease! Quit relying on your privilege! Create community and join the Revolution!

In Solidarity

Occupy Portland 7, Day 83: Autonomy

My original plan was to quit OPDX Information Committee (*gasp* now you know which committee I was on) and swing it.

That, admittedly, did not work. I ended up on another Committee I Shall Not Name Here and ended up as the Point of Contact, so I ended up with more responsibility with that maneuver instead of less. Oops. But, still, I wanted to speak briefly why I went autonomous in Occupy Portland, except for the Committee I Shall Not Name Here.

Occupy is very political. Not just in that it’s addressing our broken and corrupt political system, which I believe is beyond repair (you can check out this blog long before Occupy started), but each committee, working group, caucus, and affinity group has some political clout and they actively wield it against each other. People collect groups to be involved with. It’s starting to Pokémon itself.

I’m not really going to speak ill against that, actually. People should be as involved as they want to be. The problem is that I have decided on a role that really should not be very political:

I decided that I would call jerkfaces out for privilege fuckery.

Since I have a lot of media for that (WordPress, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Livejournal, real life), and that one always represents everything that they are involved with, in a position where my job is to tear down egos and frameworks, it would not be a good fit for me to be involved in any committee in particular. At the same time, though, because of the nature of my chosen role, I am involved in every single committee. Just not officially.

So, in the coming weeks, this is what I have planned:

  • Help out with the rhetoric and process of the Declaration of Occupy Portland (and other conventional documents)
  • Begin a privilege open forum series similar to the one in Occupy Wall Street where only women talked and men listened
  • Continue to defend Occupy Portland on social media as a way to quickly outreach to many different people.
  • Smash privilege fuckery wherever I see it, internal or external.
  • Do my super-secret project that requires a committee.
  • Create a safe space for queers, finally, in Occupy Portland, and get transgender and genderqueer into the limelight.
  • Listen to everyone.

Autonomous actions do not have to be synonymous with “being an asshole.” I come at it from the perspective of my freelancing and consulting friends: I’m an independent who can give you judgments people gridlocked into more rigid roles cannot.



wu tang flan ain’t nothin to fuck wit

i know it isn’t kanye but it belongs here in spirit.



wu tang flan ain’t nothin to fuck wit

i know it isn’t kanye but it belongs here in spirit.

Dec 3

The worst lie any society told any child is that you need a diploma to be educated or to be taken seriously. There are millions of children on this earth without any formal education that can tell you more about the consequences and reality of the political choices we have made as a collaboration - yet there are only a few hundred men with all sorts of diplomas and merits making delusional and ignorant decisions on behalf of those other billion men, women, children and animals. A diploma means quite a lot to some, but it should never mean everything. We make the education system what it is, it does not make us. We are whole people capable of knowing right from wrong just by being loving human beings and we must demand to be taken seriously and to be heard.


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This is how you read A Song of Ice and Fire. It’s the only possible way to read it.


hahahaahhaa i’ve done this many times. 

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I have no respect for people who flaunt/try to push their atheism or religion on other people. There is a reason its called a belief. Just because you do or do not believe doesnt mean that you should force others to see things the same way.


Alternately, I respect people who handle their beliefs well.

I think it’s about time we redefine what “patriotic” is, because it’s not about wearing t-shirts with Bald Eagles breaking through them on fire holding an American Flag in it’s talons while shooting fireworks and drinking Bud Light, the official beer of freedom. Patriotism is caring enough about your country that you will stand outside for two months straight in an attempt to make a better, stronger, smarter country where everyone can succeed, and not just the ones who can afford a lobbyist in D.C.

- sirmitchell (via grapelet) (edited “will” to “with”)